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Our Medium Room Kit is designed to improve the acoustic quality of rooms that are from100ft2 to 125ft2.  Take the calculations out of your acoustic search and let us do the heavy lifting for you. All kits are designed using standard acoustic guides, however additional treatment can be added to any kit if you desire.

The Medium Room Kit tackles tackles standard acoustic concerns including flutter echo, reflection and standing waves. The acoustic products included in this kit are professional grade and are currently being used in numerous professional recording studios, television studios and concert venues across North America.

All of our acoustic products are proudly manufactured in Canada using only North American sourced materials. Each panel is constructed of rigid, high density and formaldehyde-free acoustical fibreglass wrapped in wide variety of premium acoustic fabrics. By utilizing acoustic quality fibreglass the acoustic absorption of our panels is increased by nearly 5 times compared to acoustic foam.  This means you need less treatment for the same effect!

Perfect For:
Bedrooms, Home Recording Studios, Home Podcast Studios, Home YouTube/Streaming Studios, Offices, Home Offices, Small Meeting Rooms, etc.

Our impalement plate mounting system is the most convenient system on the market.  Unlike traditional hooks and Z-Clips that do not allow for a flush/direct mount against the wall, impalement plates sit flush to your wall surface and also allow for creativity in design.  The impalement plate fastening system allows panels to be mounted at any angle/rotation you choose, for creative flair. You are not bound to either a horizontal or vertical mount.


NRC Rating



Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A
    CAN/ULC S102: Class A




    • Acoustic Wall Panels
      • 4 Panels: 2'x4'x2"
      • 4 Panels: 2'x2'x1"
      • Panels are listed with nominal sizes. Actual panel sizes are: 23.5"x23.5" and 23.5x47".
    • Mounting Hardware
      • Hardware is customized based upon wall type selected
    • Mounting Instructions

    Lead Time

    Lead Time

    Products will be ready to ship within 2-4 weeks from order date.

    Standard size orders will typically ship via UPS or Purolator. Large orders will be shipped via an LTL or dedicated truck. Carrier will be determined based upon your location.


    Packaged Acoustic Ready to be Shipped by My Acoustic Panels

    We offer flat-rate shipping for most orders. Typical Flat rate shipping will either be $100, $150 or $200 depending upon your order size and location.  A pallet fee of $150/pallet will be added in addition to flat rate shipping for any orders that are required to ship on pallets rather than boxes.

    All orders containing 4'x4' panels and baffles will be shipped on a pallet.

    Large orders of 4'x2' panels and baffles will be shipped on pallet(s) via LTL or dedicated trucks - depending upon order size. 

    Large Order:
    45+ (4'x2'x2") panels/baffles
    89+ (4'x2'x1") panels/baffles.

    Additional shipping information is available on our shipping policy page.

    Colour Options

    Angora Panel Asteroid Panel Aubergine Panel Birch Panel
    Cobalt Panel Coffee Bean Panel Cumin Panel Deep Water Panel
    Eucalyptus Panel Fern Panel Fossil Panel Geranium Panel
    Goldenrod Panel Goose Panel Graphite Panel Green Apple Panel
    Lapis Panel Lemon Panel Midnight Panel Mulberry Panel
    Onyx Panel Orchid Panel Pine Need Panel Pool Panel
    Poppy Panel Pumpkin Panel Quarry Blue Panel Red Delicious Panel
    Slate Panel Straw Panel Sunshine Panel Thistle Panel
    Turquoise Panel Vanilla Panel Waterfall Panel White Panel
    Willow Panel Wolf Panel

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