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Transform your space into a serene sanctuary with My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic Wall Panels. Available in 1”, 2”, and 4" thicknesses to suit your unique acoustic needs, these panels are not just a treat for the ears but also a feast for the eyes, enhancing the sound quality in any environment. They are perfect for:

  • Polishing the sound in recording studios
  • Creating a productive ambiance in offices
  • Bringing warmth and quiet to living rooms
  • Ensuring crystal-clear audio in theaters
  • Promoting focused discussions in board rooms
  • Adding a touch of tranquility to restaurants
  • Elevating the professionalism of commercial spaces
  • Enhancing learning environments in classrooms

Crafted with pride in Canada, our Signature Acoustic Wall Panels are a testament to quality and environmental stewardship. Utilizing high-density, formaldehyde-free acoustical fiberglass and enveloped in an array of premium acoustic fabrics, these panels are designed to stand the test of time. Opt for our mechanical hard edge for added resilience, crafted with sustainable practices to steer clear of traditional harsh chemicals.

Our groundbreaking impalement plate mounting system, sets a new standard in ease and flexibility. Abandon the outdated hooks and Z-Clips; our system ensures your panels sit flush against the wall, offering unlimited creative potential. Rotate or angle your panels to your heart's desire, breaking free from the constraints of traditional mounting methods.

Discover how My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic Wall Panels can elevate your space both acoustically and aesthetically. Dive into a world where sound meets style, and make your space a haven of tranquility and professionalism.

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Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A
    CAN/ULC S102: Class A



    Lead Time

    Lead Time

    Products will be ready to ship within 2-4 weeks from order date.

    Standard size orders will typically ship via UPS or Purolator. Large orders will be shipped via an LTL or dedicated truck. Carrier will be determined based upon your location.


    Selecting Panel Thickness

    We offer three distinct thicknesses for our panels: 1”, 2”, and 4". Each serves a unique purpose and is suited to different acoustic requirements.

    • 1" Panels: Ideal for general noise reduction and clarity improvement in spaces with mid to high-frequency sound issues. These panels work wonders in residential areas like living rooms or home offices, reducing echo and sharpening speech intelligibility. They're perfect if you're looking to refine the sound environment without overly dampening the liveliness of the space.

    • 2" Panels: These are the go-to solution for more demanding acoustic environments, offering excellent absorption across a broader range of frequencies. Ideal for professional settings such as conference rooms, small theaters, gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms or recording studios, they effectively manage mid to low-frequency sounds, making them versatile for various applications. Choose these panels for a balanced approach to sound clarity and echo reduction.

    • 4" Panels: The choice for sound control in spaces with significant low-frequency issues, such as large music studios, home theaters, or venues with live music. These panels provide maximum sound absorption, dramatically improving overall sound quality and eliminating reverberation. If your space suffers from bass frequencies or if you're seeking an exceptional level of sound control, the 4-inch panels are your best bet.

    Remember, the right thickness for your acoustic panels depends on your specific sound quality needs and the characteristics of your space. Consider the types of activities occurring in the area, the size of the room, and the existing acoustical challenges to determine the most effective solution.


    Packaged Acoustic Ready to be Shipped by My Acoustic Panels

    We offer flat-rate shipping for most orders. Flat Rate shipping starts at $50, and increases based upon order size. Shipping costs will be shown at checkout and do not require a specific quote.

    All orders containing 4'x4' panels and baffles will be shipped on a pallet.

    Large orders of 4'x2' panels and baffles will be shipped on pallet(s) via LTL or dedicated trucks - depending upon order size. 

    Large Order:
    45+ (4'x2'x2") panels/baffles
    89+ (4'x2'x1") panels/baffles.

    Additional shipping information is available on our shipping policy page.

    Most orders are shipped via UPS. Shipping delivery times cannot be guaranteed once the order has been transferred to the carrier.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ben Ward
    Incredible Experience

    We had a big job that came up and had to pivot to find a new distributor. Loved that all the prices were shown and emails and phones with company reps were all pleasant and prompt! They totally helped us deliver to our clients who were working on a tight budget for a not for profit. They were such a joy to work with and I will be totally keep My acoustic panels as my new Canadian distributor! Looking forward to our next project. I highly recommend you stop your search and buy through this company! I can’t speak enough good things about the ease of working with them through the long back and forth conversations double checking all the details to be able to order with confidence! My only feedback was a bit more info on the delivery coordination but I understand it’s with a third party company.

    Thanks so much for that glowing review Benjamin. It was a pleasure working with you on this project and I'm glad we were able to accommodate your needs.
    Looking forward to the next one!

    Derrick Boyes
    Love these panels

    Very impressed with the quality. If I had to critique anything it would be the time it took to receive them.

    We're happy to hear that you were impressed with the quality. Because all of our panels are made to order, we have a bit longer of a lead time than companies who warehouse their product.