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From the great cathedrals, like St. Basil's or Cathedrale Notre-Dame to modern churches, synagogues, mosques, chapels and other houses of worship acoustics have and continue to play a critical role in the services to the faithful. Prayer and meditation rooms have even become popular in many schools and workplaces.

The need for acoustic treatment and type of acoustic treatment will likely vary, depending upon the use of the space within the church (consider the word church as a catch-all for the sake of simplicity going forward). Examples that we frequently come across within churches include:

  • Sanctuary (main meeting space for a service/mass/etc.)
  • Foyer
  • Prayer/Meditation Room
  • Multi-purpose Room
  • Gymnasium
Church Sanctuary

Sanctuary's are generally the most critical area within the space.  If music or speech cannot be understood, the congregation is left wondering what is happening and can be frustrated. Adequate acoustic treatment within this space is absolutely critical. If budget only allows treatment in one area, this is where we recommend using that budget.  Most sanctuary's are treated with acoustic wall panels, but depending upon the specific design and ceiling heights, acoustic baffles or ceiling panels may also be an option.

Because these spaces can be large and complicated, you may want to contact a local acoustical engineer to establish criteria on how much acoustic treatment should be added to the space.  For simple and smaller churches, you can use our online acoustic calculator to determine basic treatment requirements.  We're happy to facilitate you order once you are ready!

Extra consideration and treatment may be required if your church is in a non-traditional space that has an abundance of noise concerns.  Examples include chapels in shopping malls, universities or hospitals.
The biggest piece of advise that we can give to churches is that acoustic problems cannot be solved with a good A/V system. Turning up microphones in a space that has reverberation problems, will actually increase the problems rather than solve them.  Once the acoustic problem has been treated, you A/V (sound system) will sound even better than before!

If you are the Pastor, Imam, Rabbi, or facility manager of a church and you do not know where to start, please visit our Acoustic Calculator and select 'Event Space' to determine the amount of recommended coverage.  Once you know the quantity of treatment needed, visit the Shop page to browse the available options for acoustic panels and baffles.

Acoustic Calculator

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