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acoustic panels for home offices

The trend to work from home is becoming more and more popular. Many companies have implemented flexible work situations or have opted to allow employees to work from home full time. Whether your home office space is dedicated to your career, or to your kids completing their homework, the need for acoustics in the space is paramount.

Virtual meetings are becoming the norm. Phone calls are also an ever-present reality for both work and personal reasons.  Set yourself up for success in during these times of communication by ensuring your home office space is acoustically treated to help you sound like your best self. Even if your Zoom meetings are business on the top and pyjamas on the bottom, your clients will hear the sound of a cool, crisp professional coming through their speakers.

My Acoustic Panels 1" thick acoustic wall panels are an ideal solution for this environment. The 1" depth works to absorb frequencies at the standard vocal range.  If you would like to know how much treatment is right for your home office, enter your dimensions into our acoustic calculator to find out.

Acoustic Room Calculator

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