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Acoustics for the Education Sector

Facilitating education for our population is one of the core values society embraces. This does not just include primary and secondary education, but post-secondary and on-going occupational learning.   At one point or another almost all of us have been in a teaching classroom.

One of the rolls of the education facility itself is to improve the ability of the student to learn. There are several amazing initiatives happening within education right now with this as a goal - look up 21st century learning if you're curious.  The foundation begins with the students being able to understand what the teacher is presenting, even before they begin to understand the philosophy behind the words.

Many jurisdictions have recognized the need for acoustic treatment in schools and have mandated appropriate treatment for new schools being built, along with major modernizations.  Sometimes this is not the case though and sometimes, older schools are lacking treatment, because the acoustic approach was not a consideration at the time of initial construction. Thankfully, treatment can be added to existing classrooms to aid learners and improve the overall sound quality.  This is especially needed for those who are taking schooling in their non-primary language (immigrants, refugees, etc.), for those with learning disabilities and for those with sensory issues.

If you are the manager of a school or training space and you do not know where to start, please visit our Acoustic Calculator and select 'Classroom' to determine the amount of recommended coverage. These calculations are based upon a 0.6 second reverberation time (RT).  Once you know the quantity of treatment needed, visit the Shop page to browse the available options for acoustic panels and baffles.

Acoustic Calculator

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