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Acoustic Treatment for Content Creators and Influencers

Acoustics for content creators, streamers and influencers is becoming a more common occurrence. Technology has opened the doors for many of us to become content creators from the comfort of our homes and offices. The ability to start a podcast, create a You Tube Channel, become an Instagram Influencer, or stream via Twitch is easier than ever before. If you have a cause, the world is now your platform.

Most people realize that camera quality and microphone quality are important investments, but it is equally as important to understand that a good quality microphone in a room that is not acoustically treated, is not going to sound as good as that same microphone in a treated space. This is the reason that professional recording studios invest in acoustic panels and baffles even though they have top of the line recording equipment.

Acoustic Panels Improve Audio Quality for Content Creators

Quality acoustic treatment enhances the overall performance of your recording equipment and finished product. Use a fun array of panels for a video background, or keep the acoustic panels completely off screen, the choice is yours.  The primary purpose of acoustic panels is function, but the added benefit can be the aesthetic factor, depending on your individual style and tastes.  This is one of the reasons that our acoustic products come in 38 different colours, an option for everyone's personal taste.

If you do not know where to start, please visit our Acoustic Calculator and select 'Recording Studio' to determine the amount of recommended coverage. These calculations are based upon a 0.5 second reverberation time (RT).  Once you know the quantity of treatment needed to record and create your content, visit the Shop page to browse the available options for acoustic panels and baffles.

Acoustic Calculator

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