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Acoustics for Hair Salons and Spas

Enjoying a hair cut or spa day is one of life's simple luxuries. Getting a headache due to the loud echo in the space, or having to shout at your hairdresser you can clearly be heard is not acceptable. Many salons and spas are located in commercial spaces with high ceilings and many reflective surfaces (wood, glass, metal, etc.). This creates the perfect recipe for a highly reverberant (echoey) space.

Because many salons and spas have high ceilings, acoustic ceiling baffles are a welcome addition to the space and cost effectively help improve the acoustics. If additional treatment is required, or ceilings are not high enough to utilize acoustic ceiling baffles, acoustic wall panels work well, and can be arranged in a variety of styles and colour options to complement the existing looking and feel of the salon or spa.

If you are the manager of a hair salon or spa and you do not know where to start, please visit our Acoustic Calculator and select 'Commercial' to determine the amount of recommended coverage. These calculations are based upon a 1.3 second reverberation time (RT).  Once you know the quantity of treatment needed to have your salon sounding like a serene spa, visit the Shop page to browse the available options for acoustic panels and baffles.

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