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acoustic panels for garages and home workshops

Your garage or home workshop deserves acoustic treatment too!  If you spend your free time in these spaces working on your hobby, or your career, you will soon come to realize that these spaces quickly become large echo boxes.  Music and impact tools create sounds that reverberate on the hard concrete, drywall and metal surfaces.  Without acoustic treatment your garage or workshop could easily become the most problematic noise area in your home. 

My Acoustic Panels 2" thick acoustic wall panels are an ideal solution for this environment.  The 2" depth works to absorb more bass than our standard 1" panels.  This is ideal if you are listening to a lot of music, or if you have a literal garage band!  If you would like to know how much treatment is right for your garage or home workshop, enter your dimensions into our acoustic calculator to find out.

Acoustic Room Calculator


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