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Acoustics for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Golf courses and country clubs are not just buildings that house pro shops and small restaurants. They are not just the backdrop to a hole in one, or let's perhaps a hole in five! Many of these facilities feature dining areas and event spaces that host golf tournaments, Christmas parties, weddings and many other events. Whenever groups of people are gathered in a space and need to be able to hear a speaker or presenter, acoustic treatment is a critical factor.

Event Space Acoustic Treatment at a Golf Course

We have had the opportunity to supply golf courses after a brand new build or brand new renovation. If acoustics were not considered at the time of initial design, although the space looks great, the event spaces can be virtually unusable due to high reverberation times. It is best to design any new space or renovation with acoustics in mind, but if that is not possible, our range of acoustic panels and baffles can be added after the project is complete to reduce the reverberation time and improve acoustics.

Before you book your next golf tournament, or event at our local country club, it is worth checking out their acoustics to make sure that your event can be enjoyed by all your guests.

If you are the manager of a golf and country club and you do not know where to start, please visit our Acoustic Calculator and select 'Event Space' to determine the amount of recommended coverage. These calculations are based upon a 1.5 second reverberation time (RT).  Once you know the quantity of treatment needed, visit the Shop page to browse the available options for acoustic panels and baffles.

Acoustic Calculator

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