Thoughts on the City of Edmonton's Response to Noisy Vehicles

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Thoughts on the City of Edmonton's Response to Noisy Vehicles

Noise is a continual issue for governments, businesses and home owners alike. We recently saw an article about this very topic in a local Alberta newspaper - the Edmonton Journal.  The article was titled "Restricting Routes, Stiffer Fines Eyed to Help Brake Noisy Vehicles in Edmonton." - full article can be found on the Edmonton Journal website.

One of the proposed solutions, and a direct quote from the article says,

"A new report from city staff outlines ways council could clamp down on loud vehicles. Restricting certain noisy vehicles to specific routes at certain times or days of the week, revisiting fines for motorcycle noise, and creating a new bylaw for general vehicle noise offences are some options.

Planting more coniferous trees in noisy areas, grants for people and businesses for earplugs or acoustic paneling, and advocating to the province for broader legislation because of public health concerns are other ideas offered up."

What are your thoughts on these steps proposed by the City of Edmonton? Some of these measures may help, but many of them do not seem viable solutions.

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