Acoustic Baffle Installation Instructions

Required Supplies/Materials: Required Tools/Equipment:
  • Baffles - Included
  • Eye Screws - Included
  • Toggle Anchors - Included for Drywall Ceilings
  • Carabiners - Included
  • Cables with Loop Crimped at One End - Included
  • Adjustable Cable Clips (never use in corrosive atmospheres such as swimming pools) - Included

  •  Tape Measure/Laser Measuring Tool
  • Level/Laser Level
  • Drills and Bits (Hammer Drill for Concrete/Masonry)
  • Hammer
  • Eye Lag Screw Driver Bit
  • Utility Knife
  • Vacuum with Horsehair Duster Brush
  • Lift/Scaffold/Ladders
  • White Gloves for Handling Baffles







    • Do not use adjustable cable clips in corrosive atmospheres such as swimming pools
    • These instructions are specific to baffles suspended using adjustable cable clips.
    • Refer to the baffle installation detail for the appropriate ceiling type along with these instructions.
    1.  Baffles need to be handled with care. Follow these guidelines to keep baffles clean and avoid damage:
        • Packages of multiple baffles (boxes or bags) need to be carried by two people. Carry them flat whenever possible to avoid putting pressure on the edges of the baffles.
        • Keep baffles in packaging until they can be installed to prevent them from getting dirty.
        • Store baffles laying flat and never rest baffles on the corners as this can crush the edges.
        • When lifting baffles into place do not squeeze the baffles as this can crush the edges.
        • If dust gets on the baffles clean it off using a vacuum with a clean horse hair duster brush attachment.
        2.  Take time to determine your baffle layout on the ceiling. Mark the locations of the eye screws the same distance apart as the grommets on the baffles so that the cables will be vertical. Note that on steel deck ceilings, the eye screws should be installed in the sides of the flutes.
            3.  Install eye screws in the ceiling using the type of eye screws shown on the installation detail for the applicable ceiling type. For drywall ceilings be sure to use the black toggle engagement plug to expand the anchor above the drywall.
                4.  Before lifting the baffles into place, attach the end of the cables that has the pre-crimped loop to the carabiner on the baffles. Feed the opposite end of the cable through the adjustable cable clip in the direction indicated to create a loop (see Figure 1). If hanging baffles individually, attach a carabiner to this loop. If hanging multiple baffles one above another, attach a carabiner to the eye screw on the ceiling rather than the loop on the cable. Cables are not required for baffles being hung tight to the ceiling, but a second set of carabiners may be required depending on the orientation of the eye screws.

                  Figure 1: Pictures of an adjustable cable clip. The arrows indicate the direction the cable should be fed into the clip.

                  5.  Hang the baffles from the eye screws as per the following guidelines:

                    • Hold the baffle by the grommet flap to avoid crushing the bottom/side edges.
                    • The baffles are tapered below the grommet flap, which causes them to hang at a slight angle. To ensure this angle is consistent, hang the baffles so that this taper always faces the same direction.
                    • If the baffles will be viewed mainly from one direction, orient the baffles so that the flat side of the baffle is most visible (as opposed to the side that is tapered below the grommet flap).
                    • If sprinklers are present, the top of the baffles must be at least 18” below the sprinkler heads.

                  6.  Adjust the length of the cables as required:

                    • To shorten a cable, hold the grommet flap to remove tension from the cable and pull more cable through the adjuster.
                    • To lengthen the cable, hold the grommet flap to remove tension from the cable and pinch the pegs on the adjuster toward each other to unlock the clip. Lower the baffle to the desired height and release the pegs.
                    • When finished, the cable loop above the adjuster clip should be about 1” tall. This can be adjusted by pulling the cable through one side of the clip or releasing one of the locking pegs at a time.
                  7.  Trim excess cable from the adjuster leaving about 2” in case future adjustment is required.
                  8.  If there is any dust on the baffles, clean it off using a vacuum with a clean horse hair duster brush attachment.