Acoustic Ceiling Panel Installation Instructions: Steel Deck

The following installation procedure is for mounting panels on a steel deck ceiling. Refer to the ceiling panel mounting details for steel deck ceilings while reading these instructions. If the panels are being installed on a ceiling that is not steel deck, refer to the appropriate version of the instructions and mounting details. If the panels are being installed in a high impact location such as a gymnasium, refer to the instructions for gymnasiums.

Required Supplies/Materials: Required Tools/Equipment:
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels - Included
  • Studs and fabric covered buttons - Included
  • #8 screws (2” for 1” panels and 3” for 2” panels) - Included
  •  Tape Measure/Laser Measuring Tool
  • Level/Laser Level
  • Drills and Bits
  • Hammer
  • Button installation tool - Included
  • Vacuum with Horsehair Duster Brush
  • Lift/Scaffold/Ladders
  • White Gloves for Handling Panels

Note: Additional materials and tools may be required in certain situations.

1. Handle panels with care as edges will not withstand high point loads like personnel carrying panels vertically with one hand supporting the bottom of the panel. Always wear clean white gloves when handling panels to keep the fabric clean.

2. Take time to determine your panel layout on the ceiling to confirm that panels will fit in the desired locations. Keep in mind that the check marks on the back of the panels should all be pointing in the same direction when the panels are installed.

3. Prepare two drills for installing the panels. One drill should have a 1/8” diameter drill bit for pre-drilling holes in the steel deck ceiling. A 6” long drill bit will be required for 2” thick panels. The other drill should have a driver bit for installing the screws.

4. Put studs on screws to prepare for installation.

5. Position your lift/ladders/scaffold to allow two people to hold a panel in position against the ceiling.

6. Hold the panel up in position and pre-drill holes for the screws. This should be done by two people regardless of panel size to ensure the panel does not move while drilling the holes. Be careful not to let the drill chuck hit the panel as the drill bit passes through the steel deck ceiling.

7. Without moving the panel, install the screws. Do this slowly and be careful that the screw threads do not catch and pull a thread of the fabric. Also be careful not to let the driver bit jump off the screw and into the fabric. Do not tighten the screws so much that they crush the fiberglass.

8. Slide the button installation tool behind the stud as shown in the mounting detail drawing. If it does not slide in easily, the screw may have to be loosened slightly. Snap the button on and then slide the button installation tool out.