Tackable Acoustic Wall Panel Installation Instructions

 Required Supplies/Materials: Required Tools/Equipment:
• Tack boards
• Studs and fabric covered buttons
• #8 wood screws (length will depend on tack board thickness and wall construction)
• Yellow anchors
• White gloves for handling tack boards
• Floor protection
• Tape measure/laser measuring tool
• Laser level
• Drills and bits
• Hammer drill for concrete/masonry walls
• Hammer
• Button installation tool
• Vacuum with horse hair duster brush and extension cord
• Lift/scaffold/ladders and fall protection equipment

• Additional materials and tools may be required in certain situations
• Refer to the tack board mounting detail along with these instructions
• For wood walls or walls that have wood backing behind drywall, skip steps 3-4


1. Handle tack boards with care as edges will not withstand high point loads like personnel carrying tack boards vertically with one hand supporting the bottom of the tack board. Tack boards larger than 4’x4’ should be carried by 2 people. Always wear clean white gloves when handling tack boards to keep the fabric clean.

2. Take time to determine your tack board layout on the wall.

3. Hold the tack board up in its final position and use the holes in the tack boards to mark the screw locations on the wall. This should be done by two people regardless of tack board size to ensure the tack board does not move while marking the holes. Always use the same tack board you will be installing and ensure it is oriented correctly in case there are slight differences between tack boards. The tack board orientation is indicated by the check marks on the back of the tack boards, which should all be pointing in the same direction for all tack boards. Do not attempt to mark the locations of the holes on the wall using a tape measure. This may cause some of the holes in the wall to be misaligned with the holes in tack board, which can cause the screws to miss the anchors. Typical screw locations are shown in the figure below.
Typical Screw Locations - Tackable Acoustic Panel

4. Set the tack board aside and drill the marked holes on the wall using a 1/4” diameter bit. Insert the yellow anchors in the holes and hammer them flush with the wall.

5. Feed screws with studs on them through the holes in the tack boards.

6. Position your lift/ladders/scaffold so you can position yourself to see behind the tack board as you position it on the wall. Place the tack board on the wall ensuring that the check mark on the back of the tack board is oriented correctly and visually line up the screws with the anchors. For wood walls or walls with wood backing, simply position the tack board against the wall in the correct orientation and location.

7. Slowly thread the screws into the anchors. Do this slowly so that you can stop if the screw catches a thread of the fabric. Also be careful that the bit does not jump off of the screw and into the fabric. Tighten the screws until the tack board is held firmly against the wall. Do not tighten more than necessary as this can crush the tack board.

8. Snap the fabric buttons onto the studs.

9. If any dust or mineral board fibre gets on the fabric, clean it off using a vacuum with a clean horse hair duster brush attachment.