Signature Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

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Elevate the auditory and aesthetic quality of any space with our Signature Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, exclusively crafted in a 2" thickness to suit a variety of environments beyond the conventional. These superior sound-absorbing treatments are perfectly suited for:

  • Music Venues: Transform your venue into an acoustic paradise, ensuring every note is heard in crystal-clear clarity.
  • Libraries and Reading Rooms: Create a peaceful haven for patrons to read and study without the distraction of external noise.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Reduce stress and enhance patient comfort by minimizing unsettling noise levels in waiting areas.
  • Art Galleries and Museums: Protect the serene ambiance of your space, allowing visitors to focus fully on the visual and educational experience.
  • Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers: Minimize echo and sound transfer between areas, making for a more focused and enjoyable workout environment.
  • Retail Spaces: Enhance the shopping experience with an inviting and calm sound environment, encouraging longer visits and increased satisfaction.
  • Home Cinemas: Bring the immersive experience of a commercial cinema into your home, with clear, impactful sound that adds depth to every viewing.
  • Multi-purpose Halls: Ensure versatility in function without compromising on sound quality, whether hosting meetings, performances, or social events.

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail in Canada, each acoustic cloud is made from high-density, formaldehyde-free acoustical fiberglass, utilizing North American sourced materials. Wrapped in premium acoustic fabrics, they offer not only top-notch sound absorption but also serve as a stylish addition to any space.

Designed for effortless installation, our unique system caters to a variety of ceiling types, ensuring a sleek and secure fit. Please specify your ceiling type upon ordering to ensure the correct custom hardware is included with your purchase.

Step into a world where superior sound meets sophisticated design with My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic Ceiling Clouds. Opt for these clouds to achieve the perfect blend of functionality and style, transforming any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and clear audio.

NRC Rating

Frequency (Hz)

Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A
    CAN/ULC S102: Class A

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