Signature Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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Signature Acoustic Ceiling Panels, tailored for your space come in both 1” and 2” thicknesses to cater to various acoustic needs. Elevate the audio ambiance in settings such as:

Proudly crafted with Canadian expertise, each ceiling panel is constructed from premium, formaldehyde-free acoustical fiberglass, ensuring safety and sound absorption. Wrapped in superior acoustic fabrics, these panels not only optimize sound but also add a touch of elegance to any ceiling.

Ease of installation is at the heart of our design with the unique button mounting system, promising a seamless and secure setup for any ceiling type. Make sure to specify your ceiling details upon ordering, allowing us to tailor the hardware to your specific needs.

Step into a world where sound perfection and design meet, with My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic Ceiling Panels – the ultimate solution for superior acoustic environments.

Screw Locations

acoustic ceiling panels typical screw locations

NRC Rating

Frequency (Hz)

Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A
    CAN/ULC S102: Class A

    Lead Time

    Lead Time

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    Selecting Panel Thickness

    Our Signature Acoustic Ceiling Panels are available in two optimized thicknesses to meet your specific sound absorption needs: 1" and 2". Each is designed with unique acoustic properties to enhance your space's auditory ambiance.

    • 1" Ceiling Panels: These panels are engineered for environments where clarity and noise reduction are key, particularly effective in mitigating mid to high-frequency sounds. Ideal for residential settings such as living rooms and home offices, they reduce unwanted echo while maintaining the natural vibrancy of the space. These panels are your solution for a clearer, more defined sound environment without sacrificing the room's dynamic energy.

    • 2" Ceiling Panels: Tailored for spaces requiring robust sound management, these panels deliver superior absorption across an extensive range of frequencies. They are particularly suited for more intensive acoustic applications like professional conference rooms, intimate theaters, and recording studios, addressing both mid and low-frequency sound challenges. Opt for these panels when you need a comprehensive solution that balances sound clarity with effective echo dampening.

    While we offer panels tailored specifically for ceiling applications, it's important to choose the thickness that aligns with your space's acoustic demands. Consider the activities conducted in the space, the room's dimensions, and any existing sound challenges to select the most suitable panel thickness.


    Packaged Acoustic Ready to be Shipped by My Acoustic Panels

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