Can I Paint Acoustic Panels?

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Can I Paint Acoustic Panels?

Whether or not you are able to paint acoustic panels is determined by acoustic panel type and painting method. Acoustic performance is determined by the ability of sound to be absorbed into a product.  Paint is typically non-permeable and therefore does not allow for sound to pass through and be absorbed.

None of the products sold by My Acoustic Panels are paintable. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels should never be painted.  This does not just apply to My Acoustic Panels, but other brands of fabric wrapped acoustic panels (Sound Seal, Primeacoustic Broadway Panels, Decoustics, Kinetics, Echotrol, Armstrong Soundsoak, etc.) Painting fabric wrapped panels will damage the panels and reduce their NRC value

There are a few acoustic products on the market that allow for painting if the directions are followed precisely. Manufacturers will supply these instructions for every individual product. These products are typically made with wood fibres and require a porous finish for sound to be absorbed.  If these penetrations are closed with improper painting, the product will lose its acoustic rating. Most manufacturer instructions will outline a method including very light coats of diluted paint.

The Takeaway:

Most acoustic panels cannot be painted. (fabric wrapped acoustic panels, PET/felt board acoustic panels, etc.).

For acoustic products that allow painting, it is CRITICAL to follow manufacturer directions. If directions are not followed, the acoustic performance of the product (NRC Rating) will be diminished, or even nullified completely. Proceed with caution.

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