Why Are Acoustic Panels So Expensive?

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Why Are Acoustic Panels So Expensive?

Acoustic panels are essential for enhancing sound quality in various settings, but their price can be a point of contention for many. The expense associated with these panels can be attributed to several key factors, ensuring they meet the highest standards for ethical manufacturing, sound absorption, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

Material quality is paramount. Acoustic panels use specialized materials designed to effectively absorb sound. These materials, which are engineered to achieve optimal Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings, are typically more expensive due to their specialized nature and the complex manufacturing processes they undergo. All panels from My Acoustic Panels have the added benefit of being low VOC and formaldehyde-free.

Ethical manufacturing is one of our core business values. Our panels are all made by Canadian workers, who have fair wages, breaks, benefits, and even RRSP matching, highlighting our commitment to ethical manufacturing. Raw materials are sourced locally whenever possible - contributing the the local economy.

Additionally, research and development play a crucial role. Acoustic panels are developed based on thorough research and must adhere to strict standards, including ASTM E84 and ULC S102 fire testing, to ensure they are both effective and safe for use in various environments. This is testing that is not available for DIY acoustic panels or those made with lower-quality materials. When shopping, ensure that your panels meet Class A Fire Ratings. Many felt board panels, for example, either don't have a Fire Rating or will only have Class B testing.

Aesthetic design and customization also contribute to the cost. My Acoustic Panels, for example, offers products that are not only functional but also visually appealing, designed to complement any space. This level of design customization requires additional resources and craftsmanship, increasing the overall price.

Moreover, shipping and installation costs can be significant. Acoustic panels are often large and require careful handling during transportation. Furthermore, professional installation may be necessary to ensure the panels perform as intended, adding to the total investment.

While the initial cost of acoustic panels might seem high, the investment is justified by the quality, performance, and safety they provide. My Acoustic Panels commits to offering products that meet these rigorous standards, ensuring that customers receive effective and reliable acoustic solutions.

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