Do Acoustic Panels Actually Work?

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Do Acoustic Panels Actually Work?

The quick answer is yes, depending upon the acoustic problem you are experiencing and the number of panels you will be using.

If your main concern is sound quality acoustic panels and/or baffles are going to help.  Sound quality encompasses speech intelligibility, echo reduction, reverberation time reduction, etc. It is important to use our Acoustic Calculator to know how much acoustic treatment is required in your space.  If you do not add enough treatment, you may not notice much of a difference, and assume the panels are not working. This is not the case.

Our acoustic calculator uses the data you provide to calculate the assumed reverberation time of your space. It then provides a recommended square footage of total additional treatment needed to meet recommended reverberation times for that space.  If your budget and space requirements allow for it, we suggest adding the entire recommended amount of treatment to achieve the best effect.

Phasing acoustic projects to meet budget constraints will allow you to see some improvement in the initial phase, and greater improvement in future phases as you continue to add more treatment as budget allows.

If your main acoustic concern is noise transmission between rooms - STOP.  Acoustic panels are not typically going to be enough to solve your issue. In these circumstances, we recommend talking to an acoustic consultant. Other acoustic treatments are likely required.

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