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Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and acoustics with our Signature Acoustic ART Wall Panels, available in both 1” and 2” thicknesses to suit your specific sound absorption needs. These panels are not only practical but also transform your walls into captivating art displays. Ideal for various environments, including:

  • Recording Studios: Enhance sound quality while inspiring creativity with artistic designs.
  • Home Offices: Improve concentration by minimizing distractions with effective sound absorption.
  • Living Rooms: Combine comfort and style, making your home both visually and acoustically pleasing.
  • Theatres: Create an immersive environment with both visual and auditory excellence.
  • Board Rooms: Maintain clarity of communication and make a strong visual statement.
  • Restaurants: Provide a tranquil dining experience amidst stunning visual backdrops.
  • Commercial Spaces: Impress clients and customers with a harmonious blend of form and function.
  • Classrooms: Encourage a focused learning environment surrounded by inspiring imagery.

Proudly crafted in Canada, our Acoustic ART Wall Panels are made from high-density, formaldehyde-free acoustical fiberglass, ensuring top-tier sound management without compromising on safety. Each panel is meticulously wrapped in custom-printed acoustic fabric, allowing for a seamless integration of art and sound absorption. Choose from a range of artistic designs to elevate your space's aesthetic and acoustic quality.

Note: Our panels feature digitally printed reproductions of original artworks to maintain acoustic integrity without sacrificing visual appeal.

Installation is effortless with our innovative impalement plate mounting system, designed for a flush and secure fit against any wall. This system not only enhances the visual appeal of the panels but also provides the flexibility to mount them in any orientation, adding a unique touch to your space.

Elevate your environment with My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic ART Wall Panels—where art meets function, creating spaces that sound as good as they look. Transform your area into a masterpiece of design and tranquility today.

NRC Rating

Frequency (Hz)

Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A
    CAN/ULC S102: Class A

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    Selecting Panel Thickness

    Understanding the distinction between the 1-inch and 2-inch Acoustic ART Wall Panels is key to optimizing your space not only visually but also acoustically. Here's what you need to know to make the best choice for your environment:

    • 1-inch Panels: These are excellent for spaces that primarily encounter mid to high-frequency sounds. Typical sources include human voices, ringing phones, or background music. The 1-inch thickness effectively minimizes echo and clarifies speech, making it a perfect match for residential settings like living rooms and home offices, or professional environments such as classrooms and board rooms. If your main concern is reducing reverberation and enhancing clarity for conversations or background noise, this thickness is ideal.

    • 2-inch Panels: Designed for more comprehensive sound absorption, these panels excel in environments exposed to a wider range of frequencies, especially lower ones. Lower frequencies are often found in commercial spaces, such as restaurants or gyms, where there's a mix of music, machinery, and group conversations. The 2-inch thickness tackles deeper sounds like bass frequencies from music or the boom of industrial equipment, making them particularly suitable for recording studios, open-plan offices, and entertainment venues. If your space requires a reduction in both echo and fuller, richer sound disturbances, opt for the 2-inch option.

    Frequency Considerations:

    • The 1-inch panel predominantly targets higher frequencies, which include the range of human speech and many everyday noises. These panels help clean up the sound in a room by reducing echoes and making speech more intelligible.

    • The 2-inch panel, with its greater depth, absorbs a broader spectrum of sound waves, especially effective at mitigating lower frequencies along with the mid to high range. This makes the environment more acoustically balanced, reducing the intrusion of bass sounds and creating a more focused auditory scene.


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