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Enhance your large spaces with our Signature Acoustic Baffles, designed exclusively in a 2" thickness to perfect the acoustic balance in areas with expansive square footage and high ceilings. These baffles are specifically tailored for environments such as:

  • Gymnasiums: Reduce echo and improve speech intelligibility for clearer announcements and instructions.
  • Recreation Centres: Create a more enjoyable and less noisy environment for community activities.
  • Pools and Natatoriums: Minimize loud, reverberating sounds for a more pleasant aquatic experience.
  • Community Halls: Ensure every word is heard during events and gatherings.
  • Theatres: Enhance audience enjoyment with better sound quality during performances.
  • Arenas: Improve clarity and reduce noise levels for sports events and concerts.
  • High Ceiling Commercial Spaces: Transform spas, salons, and fitness centres into serene, welcoming environments.
  • Open Offices: Utilize as hanging partitions to divide space while enhancing privacy and acoustics.

Our Signature Acoustic Baffles are proudly crafted in Canada, using only the finest North American sourced materials. Each baffle is constructed from high-density, formaldehyde-free acoustical fiberglass and covered in a selection of premium acoustic fabrics, ensuring both safety and style.

Designed for simplicity and versatility, our baffles come equipped with grommets for easy installation. Whether you prefer a carabiner or cable system, we've got you covered. Remember to specify your ceiling type and the required cable length at checkout, allowing us to customize your hardware to meet your specific needs.

Transform your large, high-ceiling spaces into optimal acoustic environments with My Acoustic Panels' Signature Acoustic Baffles. Experience sound quality like never before, all while adding a modern touch to your space.

NRC Rating


2" Baffle

Fire Rating

    Fire Rating

    ASTM E-84: Class 1 or A

    CAN/ULC S102: Class A

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    Lead Time

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