Acoustic Baffles for Privacy and Acoustics in Open Offices

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Acoustic Privacy Partition Baffles

Open offices bring the element of collaboration to a team, but with that collaboration comes a decrease in privacy and an increase in background noise. Many offices struggle with this problem and are looking for cost effective ways to work comfortably in an open office environment. Building up walls is both costly and removes the team dynamic, eliminating it as a viable solution in most organizations.

A cost effective approach to solve both of these issues (privacy and background noise) can be achieved by suspending acoustic baffles to create temporary private work areas. In the featured project, this office suspended our 4'x4' acoustic baffles from a standard t-bar ceiling grid with minimal time and effort.  Because the baffles are not permanently mounted, they can be reconfigured to meet the ever-changing needs of the business and if the company ever moves locations, the baffles can come with them! Traditionally baffles are suspended at ceiling height, but this non-traditional approach can help any office sound better and create privacy zones with this these acoustic privacy partitions.

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