School Gymnasiums: Acoustic Panel Colour Options

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Many jurisdictions either have mandates or recommendations on the acoustic treatment in school gymnasiums, or a mandated reverberation time. This allows for both students and teachers to have a comfortable experience while playing. As an added benefit, school assemblies and productions are more easily heard and understood by the audiences. Most schools have standard school colours that are incorporated into their logo and branding. 

As gymnasium acoustic treatment is designed, both interior designers and school boards have begun to opt for treatment colours that reflect the school colours. These acoustic panels then have the opportunity to both absorb echo and promote school spirit. With so many colour options to choose from, My Acoustic Panels is sure to have a colour similar to your school or teams existing colours.

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School Commonsred, black and yellow acoustic panels in gymyellow, blue and white acoustic panels in a gymnasiumblack, white and grey acoustic panels in the gym

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