Acoustic Treatment in Foyers

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Acoustic Treatment in a Foyer

Whether it is community halls, churches, synagogues, theatres, or any number of other public spaces the need for people to gather in an acoustically treated space remains.  One of the benefits of attending public gatherings, is the ability to meet new people and catch up with those you have not seen in a while.  Stories, laughter and tears permeate the halls and walls.  Unfortunately, if these gathering areas, often called foyers, are not treated with acoustic material, the laughter and chatter bounces around the room.  The greater the gathering size, the greater the echoing.  The greater the echoing within the space, the more difficult it is to carry on conversations.  And in the end, it is the human connection that matters most. 

Incorporating design elements, such as acoustic panels allows these spaces to become functional and carry out their intended purposes.  Especially with the convenience of online services and shows, more than ever, we must be conscience of the users experience if we want them to continue to attend in-person activities.

This project picture shows the balance of using acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling panels in neutral tones to create a beautiful space.  These panels were not specifically intended to be an architectural feature, but they also were not intended to blend in and be unseen. The use of colours within the same tone, creates an inviting space that encourages gathering. 

As an added benefit, by adding multiple types of treatment, wall spaces, or ceiling spaces do end up crowded. More visual dimension can also be achieved, and absorption is more evenly spread out throughout the room.

My Acoustic Panels 1" thick acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels are an ideal solution for this environment. The 1" depth works to absorb frequencies at the standard vocal range.  If you would like to know how much treatment is right for your home office, enter your dimensions into our acoustic calculator to find out.

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